10 days to go 💛Let's make this one bigger and brighter than ever before.


Talking about how we're feeling can make the world of difference. This we are partnering with to help .


Stormzy and HSBC fund 36 black Cambridge students


To be connected with creative career opportunities, A Level Media Studies students enjoyed lunch on Primrose Hill before being welcomed at the Roundhouse and then The October Gallery for creative industry tours, talks and workshops as part of Year 12’s Careers Day on July 10th


As part of our all-through curriculum Ms. Deering and Year 6 are bringing their sketchbooks to Ms. Stephens in the secondary art room ready for Year 7 in September.


Really well done to all of our students for a fantastic concert. Thank you to for hosting and and for all their help and support.


For anyone who needs to hear this today 💙


Be kind to your mind this and get involved in our quiz. 🧠Can you guess the wellbeing related words from these anagrams? Comment below ⬇


What are teacher strikes really about?We need to discuss the wider context to understand why teachers feel the current situation is unsustainable.


Today as 300,000 teachers go on strike to this is why. 👉 Share or like if you’re with us.


This week we're promoting and in our assemblies and tutor time. Both organisations provide excellent support for young people and are a great resource for schools over the summer holidays.


Our Youth Safety Champions had an amazing time today. They visited today to meet with to share their findings and seek support to make Newham safer for young people. 🙌#SBGirlsWhoCan


We wish you and your family peace, happiness, harmony and good health


Earlier this month our Year 10 geography students visited Walton on the Naze to carry out their physical geography fieldwork.


Today we’re celebrating the dedication of teachers and support staff in early years settings, schools and colleges up and down the country.You’re giving children and young people the very best start in life. Thank you.#ThankATeacherDay


Is your walk to work an opportunity to be ? (photo credit to Mr Stander)


Here are 15 tips to help you cope with feelings of loneliness and isolation - written with care by young people 💚


Had a great co-design workshop with Chobham Academy last week, discussing all things commercial and play spaces at IQL North. Students and staff also shared ideas for our evolving Community Charter. Thanks for your fantastic feedback and support!


And our community is best placed for an early evening stroll

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is central to our work at Chobham.  We want our students to be physically and emotionally healthy and resilient.  We want them to be happy at school,1 secure and confident.  To accomplish these aspirations, we aim to provide the best possible environment for our students at school whilst developing skills and dispositions which will help them to be happy in all aspects of their lives.

  • 2We take time and care to ensure that students understand the school systems and the reasons for school rules and expectations.  We also encourage students to ask questions and take time to provide them with the best answers that we can.  Student suggestions are taken seriously.  When we can change something, we will.  When we cannot, we will explain why.  This approach helps make students feel more empowered and reduces frustrations.
  • Our student voice system, operated by the Youth Leadership Team, is very important to us.  Through this system, students have the opportunity to ask questions, contribute ideas and take part in initiatives which benefit the school and its local community.
  • Chobham is a friendly school which is set up to allow students to get to know one another and to spend time together.  There are plenty of opportunities for students to talk to each other and to make new friends.  Staff intervene quickly when any student seems isolated or when issues between friends arise.  In these ways, we tackle effectively some of the issues which can cause young people unhappiness.
  • We also recognise that happiness at school depends upon young people feeling safe, secure and able to get on with their learning.  Our robust systems to support excellent behaviour both in the classroom and around school generally contribute to our students feeling secure.  We carry out regular student surveys to identify any areas of the school where students feel less safe and address issues arising quickly.
  • Many of our students’ insecurities centre around their experience of using social media.  Often, the issues arising begin outside of school then manifest themselves in behaviour at school.  We educate our students to use social media3 responsibly.
  • We take care to anticipate likely pressure points in our students’ school lives and build in additional, focussed support as necessary.  These points may include the build up to examination periods, sixth form and university applications or interviews.  Our support is always specific to the circumstances and practical.
  • Our philosophy is based upon the recognition that young people get things wrong and that school is the safest environment for this to happen in.  At Chobham, we believe that making mistakes is educative and part of becoming a responsible and thoughtful young adult.  Whilst students may be challenged when they make poor choice, we firmly believe that this should be an educative process and that mistakes are an opportunity for young people to learn and grow.